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Mickey (Miles) Goldberg

  Miles Goldberg Diamond Corporation

Our founder, Herbert L. Goldberg, went to work in 1949 for a small wholesale diamond cutter and dealer. He could foresee the great potential in creating a company that would serve the small town retail stores across the country. And in the next 30 years, he dedicated his life to working his way up in the company to eventually running and then owning the company. His next goal was to build a wholesale Diamond and Jewelry business that his children and grandchildren would be able to work and prosper in.

Miles Goldberg  Diamond Corporation is a result of the 5 decades of hard work, sweat, dedication, and sacrifice of Herbert Goldberg. Mickey (Miles) Goldberg, who has grown up in the business, has worked full time since graduating from The University of Texas in 1983. He follows the same principals and integrity, as well as the high quality standards and customer service that his father, Herbert, built the business on.